Utmost Care & Precision

At Crep Inn we as a team will look after your footwear with the utmost care and precision.

You can rest-assure that we understand how to clean your footwear properly with shoe-specific products.

We are experienced with different materials, such as fabric, leather, suede, nubuck and many more

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Our Cleaning Process

Laces are removed from the footwear and placed in a cleaning solution.

The uppers are first cleaned and then the soles.

Once footwear is cleaned and dried we check to see if they need a re-clean, if so they get another clean. Now the footwear is cleaned they are then re-laced, the inners are sprayed with odour spray and to finish them off they are sprayed with rain and stain protector spray.

All footwear is hand washed. We do not use any form of a washing machine to clean them as they will damage the material and structure of the trainer.

Once your trainers are cleaned they are checked and inspected by our duty technician.

From Soiled to Sparkling

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