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Several Years On

I have always had a passion for trainers. When I was younger, every Saturday morning I would get all my trainers out and sit for hours cleaning them.

In 2011 I opened my own Dry Cleaning business and was always looking for different services to offer to my customers.

My trainers cleaning service was a big hit with the customers. So here I am six years on and opening the FIRST Trainer Cleaning, Restoration and Customisation Shop in Essex, dedicated to keeping all your footwear clean.

We can clean any type of footwear from leather to satin, commercial to high-end designers. Whether it’s your everyday Nike Trainers, sports footwear or your Louboutin, you can guarantee they will be ready to wear for the next occasion.

From Soiled to Sparkling

How It Works

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Drop Off

When dropping off your trainers, a service technician will have a consultation with you, advising you on the service that best suits the condition of your trainers.
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Once your consultation is over, photos will be taken and your trainers will be passed on to the cleaning technician.
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All trainers and footwear are then hand washed by trained technicians using the shoe-specific products, then ending with a final check by our duty technician.
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Cleaned Trainers are then photographed and then packed awaiting collection. You will be notified through text message for the collection of your trainers

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Why Choose Us

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Crep Inn has an outstanding turnaround time for all the cleaning and restoration works we undertake. Whether your favourite trainers need a deep clean or your handbag needs a complete restoration before your holiday, we've got you covered.
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Our experienced technicians offer fixed price trainer cleaning which makes us one of the most competitively priced trainer cleaning services in London and Essex. Our experience enables us to offer excellent prices without compromising on quality.
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We operate a number of drop off and collection points across Essex & London. This makes the whole process as convenient as possible. You can also bring your items into our shop in Hornchurch.

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